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June 7, 10:00am on the AOL Stage at Internet Week NY HQ, Metropolitan Pavilion

Earlier this year Gawker Media shocked the internet public's sense of self when they rolled out a company wide site design change. From Gizmodo to Deadspin, all the Gawker Media blogs were completely transformed from the structure that had become an industry standard.

Some of Gawker's audience was excited about the change, others were so bothered by the transformation they demanded a redaction, but the return to the original design did not come.

Editor-and-Chief of Jalopnik, Ray Wert, will adress not only the changes in the sites design and layout, but also strategies behind the metrics of editorial traffic building, all the while Rex Sorgatz, internet personality and founder of Kinda Sorta Media (and often the subject of snark on Gawker.com), will suggest why the change may not have been so healthy and update the audience on his infamous bet with Nick Denton in which Mr. Sorgatz put money on the failure of the Gawker Media redesign.

The event will be moderated by the Execitive Director of The Webby Awards & IADAS, David-Michel Davies.

Rex Sorgatz

Rex Sorgatz is an entrepreneur, advisor, designer, and creative technologist who has worked with many of the world's largest media and internet brands. His digital consulting agency, Kinda Sorta Media, incubates new creative and business initiatives for startups, media companies, and consumer brands. He has held various executive roles, including Executive Producer at msnbc.com, where he led initiatives in new product development, acquisitions, and audience development. He is also a contributor at Wired and a participant to online conversations everywhere.

Ray Wert

Josh Topolsky

Ray Wert is Editor-in-Chief of Jalopnik, the definitive automotive industry tabloid and part of the Gawker Media family of publications. In addition to sitting on the company's marketing team, Wert also holds the distinction of holding the highest longevity of any Gawker sitelead.

Before working for Gawker, Wert led Michigan's automotive marketing strategy for the state's economic development arm, spent three years as operations director to Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and was an outside consultant to DaimlerChrysler for retirement planning. Wert has been published in The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and appears regularly as an automotive communications expert on CNBC and the BBC.

David-Michel Davies

Josh Topolsky

David-Michel Davies (DMD) is Executive Director of The Webby Awards & the International Acadey of Digital Arts & Sciences, and Chairman & Co-Founder Internet Week New York.

DMD has devoted his career to championing and celebrating the very best of Internet culture. Dubbed "a master of things that are a little bit of a joke and a little bit serious" (!) by the New York Times, DMD has appeared on CNN, Fox News Channel, and Good Morning America to discuss Internet trends and news, and he has lectured to audiences at a diverse mix of conferences and companies including Interbrand, Microsoft and the Institute for the future.

At The Webby Awards, DMD has built a remarkable team that shares his passion. Together, they oversee the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS), a global membership network of more than 1000 Internet experts who sift through cat photos, political blogs, robot videos, celebrity tweets and more to uncover the most innovative work on the Internet.

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