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March 29, 2011 at CNN Studios New York, NY

In 2010, we saw a major shift in the U.S. mobile market place towards the widespread adoption of smartphones. With Blackberry losing market share and Windows Mobile OS unable to gain traction, two dominant players emerged leaving the competition far behind. The first is Apple's iPhone, which continues to set the gold standard for smartphone technology and usability by offering an intuitive interface, beautiful industrial design, and an strong emphasis on a curated user experience. And the relative new-comer to the market, Google's Android OS which aims to compete in the space by offering an open platform that allow developers an open platform for customization as well as a smoother integration with its cloud-based services (gmail, maps, sky, etc.)

These opposing ideologies will become more relevant to the consumer as the iPhone becomes available on Verizon's network (where it has been previously dominated by a wide variety of Android offerings.) As well as with Android's continued push into the tablet market.

With genuine competition to Apple's offerings in the hand held market from a powerhouse like Google, and with each company taking a radically different approach to how they work with developers/what they think their users are looking for, 2011 is shaping up to be the year which will reinvigorate the old Mac vs. PC debates of the past, with each party holding a valid reason why it will succeed.

In the thrid installment of the Webby Debates, we welcome Josh Topolsky Editor-at-Large at Engadget and Lance Ulanoff, Editor-in-Chief at PCmag.com to discuss Apple and Android mobile devices and their impact on the future of the mobile marketplace. Laurie Segall of CNNMoney will moderate this discussion.

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