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Honoring the best
of the web


Helpful Honoree Tips

Here are some sure-fire ways to make sure the right people know about your Official Honoree Selection:

Put an Offical Honoree Logo on Your Web Site

Download an Official Honoree logo.

Thank Your Network

Send a special email to your network of colleagues, vendors, friends, family and customers to let them know about your Official Honoree selection.

Make your Official Honoree Selection a Centerpiece of Your Marketing Plan

Take out an ad in a local or national newspaper or magazine, or add an Official Honoree logo to materials that you've already got in the hopper.

Brag to Your Favorite Blog

There are dozens of blogs that cover every industry. These online outlets are a great way to spread the word about your Official Honoree selection.

Update Your Social Networks

Dont forget to update your Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia pages with info about your status as an Official Honoree. Tweet about your win - use the #Webbys hashtag to connect with other Webby Honorees! It is a great way to way to define your Webby achievement for an even wider audience.

Throw a Party

Invite co-workers, friends and family to your own "Webby" party to honor your achievement.

Spice Up Your Company and Personal Bio

Adding this honor to your company or personal bio will show potential customers and partners that your work is award-winning.

Shine in Your Email Signature

Have your team highlight their selection as an Official Honoree in their email signatures.