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Nominee PR Tips

Sure-fire ways to make sure the right people know about your Webby nomination

Put a Webby Awards Nominee Logo on Your Site

Download the official logo, here.

Devise a Public Relations Plan

Don’t be shy about your Webby nomination. Now is the time to promote your nomination – and your success – by doing targeted outreach to a wide-variety of national, local and online media. Here are some tips of the trade:

  • Write and distribute a press release highlighting your nomination. We’ve got the national media covered, but you can develop and implement media campaigns to generate attention, including broadcast, print, radio, online/bloggers. You should target news sites and blogs that cover your category or industry, as well as your hometown media.
  • Pitch yourself for a feature story at pertinent media outlets. Use your Webby nomination as a news peg for the media to cover your success, growth, and future plans.

In all your media outreach, you’ll want to include the key facts about The Webby Awards, which you can find at the Webby Awards Fact Sheet.

If media need official Webby press photos, videos, or additional media resources, you’ll find those in the Webby Press Room.

Feel free to reach out to the Webby Awards public relations team at High10 Media for more information or tips:
Anne Muscarella –

Launch a People's Voice Campaign

Encourage fans, partners, employees, friends, family, and the general public to vote for your site in the People's Voice Awards by highlighting voting information in all of your Webby Awards activities. And make sure to use social media like Twitter and Facebook to help encourage votes!

On our Webby Tumblr page, we love to highlight the best promotional campaigns launched by nominees and will feature daily digest snapshots of the People's Voice action, e.g. which races are tightest, who's in the lead, what categories are receiving the largest share of the votes, etc.

Share with Your Network

Send a special email to your network of colleagues, vendors, friends, family and customers to let them know about your nomination.

Make your Webby Nomination a Centerpiece of Your Marketing Plan

Take out an ad in a local or national newspaper or magazine, or add a Webby Award nominee logo to materials that you've already got in the hopper.

Spice Up Your Company and Personal Bio

Adding this honor to your company or personal bio will show potential customers and partners that your work is award-winning.

Brag to Your Favorite Blog

There are dozens of blogs that cover every industry. These online outlets are a great way to spread the word about your nomination.

Shine in Your Email Signature

Have your team highlight their Webby nomination in their email signatures.