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12th Annual Webby Special Achievement Award Winners

About Webby Special Achievement Awards

The Webby Special Achievement Awards will be presented by the Academy at the 12th Annual Webby Awards Celebrations June 8-10, 2008 in New York City. All of the Special Achievement Award winners will attend to receive their honors.

David Byrne: Lifetime Achievement Award
David Byrne

The Webby Awards is thrilled to honor David Byrne for Lifetime Achievement, recognizing Byrne's vision both artistically and as a pioneer in embracing the spirit of the Internet and technology in the arts. Specifically, through his lifelong career in disseminating music over the Internet, promoting PowerPoint as an artists' medium, running his own Web-based radio station and a very active personal blog, Byrne serves as a vivid role model for musicians and artists of the future on how to merge culture with technology. His latest outside-the-box project is Playing the Building, in which he will transform a landmark New York City building into a giant, interactive musical instrument.

Stephen Colbert: Person of the Year
Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert will be honored for the innovative way he has used the Internet to interact with fans of The Colbert Report - from Google bombing to make him the top search result for "greatest living American" to challenging the "truthiness" of Wikipedia. In his presidential campaign, the "One Million Strong for Stephen T. Colbert" Facebook group attracted more than 78 members per minute in its first week, while his supporters have raised more than $250,000 for the education charity Artist of the Year
The eBay Community will be honored with A Webby Artist of the Year Award in recognition of his contribution to the political landscape with his making of the Obama videos. Bringing together a massive collection of celebrities, brought attention to the political race, reaching millions through the Web. His record label, music group, also boasts the #1 online single of the year (#1 song downloaded online was "Fergie").

Lorne Michaels: Film & Video Lifetime Achievement
Lorne Michaels

The Webby Awards is thrilled to honor Lorne Michaels in recognition of his ground-breaking work with SNL Digital and his commitment to making Saturday Night Live readily available to viewers and fans on the Internet. As today's entertainment industry rushes to publish traditional television content on the Internet, Mr. Michaels has paved the way, serving as a pioneer with SNL Digital both on YouTube and now at A true leader of the entertainment world, Mr. Michaels has bravely embraced the power of the Web.

Michel Gondry: Film & Video Person of the Year
Michel Gondry

From his legendary music videos to his pioneering work in film, Michel Gondry's inventive visual style and storytelling consistently set new motion picture standards. His latest film, "Be Kind Rewind," in itself a celebration of low-budget, do-it-yourself filmmaking, introduced "sweding" to the internet, inspiring filmmakers to follow his lead in recreating scenes from their favorite films and sharing them online. His Rubik's Cube videos, showing Gondry solving the puzzle with both his feet and nose, have become a viral hit of their own.

Tim and Eric & Tim and Eric: Actor of the Year
Steve Chen & Chad Hurley

These guys got their start online with and were really pioneers of web comedy, making short films and hilarious videos well before the YouTube age. They were discovered by Bob Odenkirk a few years ago and have since inked a deal with Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, first for an animated series called "Tom Goes to the Mayor," and then a live-action show called "Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!" They continue to do online shorts and are really big on They have a RABID fan base and regularly sell out their live shows across the nation.