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Internet or Die November 30, 2016

The 2016 Research Summary

This year’s Webby trend, Internet or Die, explores how the modern Internet forces us to create truly original experiences, or suffer the consequence of being overlooked. As we considered how to advise our audience to avoid this plight, we needed to first understand what made consumers take an action in response to a piece of content or experience on the Internet. To do that, we commissioned a study with the Harris Poll to learn the following:

  • Why do consumers spend money online?
  • What makes someone tell a friend or family member about something they saw online?
  • What motivates people to share something on social media?
  • After visiting a website or using an app for the first time, what makes people go back?

Download the Research Summary to see what Millennials and Boomers do when they see something they like on the Internet and for insights on the type of content that will make them do it.

Download Research Summary