Got the Goods?Video Series

Got the Goods"What's Your Signature Question?"

Top-level hiring managers in media and advertising from across the digital spectrum share what their signature question is when interviewing candidates for their team.

“The truth is, what I ask most candidates is "Why?" ”

Got the GoodsHow Do You Judge Whether A Candidate Can Do The Job?

Frank Lockwood (Heiniken), Kseniya Zito (Dots), & Chris Seda (360i) offer insight into how they judge whether a candidate is good for their team.

“What I really like to dive into is process. ”

Got the GoodsHow Do You Leverage Your Team?

Jan Niklas (Glossier), Isabel Kantor (RG/A), and Kseniya Zito (Dots) share how they get their teams involved when evaluating whether a candidate is good for a role.

“I think it's important to involve your team members in the interview process. ”
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