August 25, 2020

Ask a Webby Judge: Katz Kiely, Founder and CEO, beep

5 questions with Katz Kiely, Founder and CEO of beep (Behavioural Enterprise Engagement Platform), and member of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS) for The Webby Awards!

Every year The Webby Awards taps experts from around the world to review over 13,000 entries. To honor the members of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences for lending their expertise to help select the best of the Internet.

Meet Webby Judge Katz Kiely, Founder and CEO of beep, an AI-powered software platform that helps problem solve issues employees face across the world. We spoke with Katz about the expertise she brings to IADAS, her latest endeavors, and what most excites her about the industry.

1. What excites you most about being a Webby Awards judge? What particular expertise or vantage point do you bring to the Academy?

I have pushed the boundaries of digital  storytelling and innovation since 2000. I’ve won awards for multi platform campaigns – including Cannes Lions- and designed digital storytelling labs for broadcasters and agencies across the world. Over those 20 years I’ve been invited to judge many many awards including SXSW so I’ve seen a lot of entries. I learn a lot every time I judge. Real winners stick out by  a mile and are timeless.

2. What trend or emerging technology are you most excited about in the advertising industry?

I love the fact that there is a real and meaningful shift towards an understanding that people love brands that are doing good in the world. COVID has been an amazing moment that has separated the wheat from the chaff. People will never forget those brands that have been smart enough to realize making a real difference leads to lasting brand loyalty.

3. Why do you think being a part of The Webby Awards community matters?

Real innovation needs to be celebrated to inspire talent to try new and better ways of telling stories. I love making time to absorb the very best of the new!

4. What projects or endeavors are you currently working on, and how will it benefit the Internet community?

My company is building a software platform, beep, that unleashes the problem solving potential of workers across the globe. It empowers employees (and citizens) to surface shared challenges and huddle around them to find the very best solutions. In these turbulent times, the world needs ways of bringing people together to collaborate and build connection. Being creative together is the very best way of building real connection.

I’ve also just founded Frontline.Live – convening over forty volunteers to build the very first decentralized national map of real-time PPE needs from frontline health care workers. In four weeks, frontline workers have reported over 1500 PPE shortages, over 100 suppliers have signed up and have gotten PPE to over 40% of the hospitals and care homes to keep our frontline workers safe. We have proved that mapping real time data can lead to problem solving at scale. It’s been so heartwarming to see companies like snapchat, Ocean Outdoor and the Times step forward to sponsor our empowerment movement!

If you can see problems, people will gather around to solve them.

5. What’s your favorite app that other people haven’t heard of?

Miro. And Sleep Cycle.