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5-Word Speeches That Were Meme-worthy😹

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Revisit #5WordSpeech moments over the years that are so wonderfully weird for the Internet, they’re totally meme-worthy.

Ah, the meme. The Internet’s gift that keeps on giving. Since 1996, the complex information system interlinked by hypertext that we affectionately call “the web,” has captured and produced so many iconic pop culture moments like this:

After watching a few of our favorite Webby 5-Word Speeches 500 times (because that’s what we do at The Webby Awards), we made an amazing discovery: so many are totally meme-worthy.

Here’s a list of eight #5WordSpeech meme-able moments below. Then, get thinking and follow us on social: We’ll be releasing them as GIFs on Twitter all week for you to add your own meme captions.

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