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December 6, 2022

It’s Not Just an Award–A Webby is a Global Spotlight Honoring Your Hard Work

Here’s what past winners had to say about bringing massive exposure and recognition to their work.

For more than 26 years, The Webby Awards has been the global stage where digital projects that are beating out the rest get recognized and honored for their ingenuity. Winning a Webby signifies to new clients, partners, and audiences that your projects are the ones to engage with. The Webby Awards puts a spotlight on forward-thinking work created by teams, both big and small. So much so that 80% of Webby winners attribute their Webby honor to helping win new business, partly because our platform has generated 9 billion media impressions from leading news outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Variety

A Webby is far more than just an award–it’s a testament to the creativity and imaginative spirit of the digital space. Take a look below to hear directly from past Webby winners about how it felt to have their work recognized for breaking new digital ground. 

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I was happy that our team was able to be recognized for the incredible work that they did in making this show. I think we’re all proud of the work we’ve done. And, yes, Webbys are cool”
— Walter Thompson-Hernández of California Love


Our Webby Award serves as a testament to all the hard work, creativity, and dedication of everyone on our team. Very often, these things can go unnoticed, so receiving recognition from such a prestigious award reinvigorates us, and gives even more motivation to keep going. We’re very excited by where we’ve been and for what’s to come!”
— Ember Lab on Kena: Bridge of Spirits


We are super super proud to be named 2022 Webby Network of the Year. Being recognized as the top network says a lot about how far we have come in the last six years. We’re humbled and excited about what’s next for DEPT® and our clients.”
— DEPT®, 2022 Webby Network of the Year


Abshowutewy evwyfing”
— Tiny Chef of The Tiny Chef Show


It means that I must be doing something right and a lot of people like to watch me. And I’m happy about it.”
— Megan Thee Stallion, 2022 Webby Artist of the Year


It feels just right.”
— R/GA, 2022 Webby Agency of the Year


It’s pretty exciting, I’ve been to The Webby’s before but not like this. This is not as an attendee, it’s getting to go up on stage and really be honored. I am honored.”
— Anil Dash, Inventor of the NFT & 2022 Webby Lifetime Achievement Winner


The Webby win felt like a warm hug for all our hard work, an invitation to revisit a time when we struggled, per the Homebodies tagline, to ‘be our best when everything’s the worst.”
— Tyghe Trimble of Fatherly: Homebodies Newsletter


This is exciting - by sharing my passion with the world, especially getting young folks excited about science, engineering and education, the fact that I would be included here as someone who influences in some way, feels a little bit weird. But I’m honored to be here and I’m excited to be here, and it's a part of reaching people with that same message. If this helps that, then let’s do it.”
— Mark Rober, 2022 Webby Film & Video Person of the Year


Winning a Webby represents the global resonance of this film. I can’t express how much that means to our team. Thank you so much.”
— Stefan Hunt of They Saw The Sun First


Truth Be Told is my whole heart in the form of a podcast - so it's a tremendous honor for the show to be honored. The Webby Award win is an acknowledgment that the truths I work hard to reveal means something to people. How amazing is that! This Webby win also drives me to step out of the bounds of what a podcast is supposed to be - to be even bolder in my quest to entertain and enlighten listeners.”
— Tonya Mosley of Truth Be Told

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