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Best Webby-Recognized Work from Denmark

Dive into 9 great Webby-recognized projects produced in Denmark, one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index.

As one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index, Denmark is home to the world’s best digital projects, and the creatives behind the work. Recently, we highlighted the five top-performing Danish companies in last season’s competition, however there many more projects deserving of praise. 

At The Webbys we continuously recognize the teams creating the world’s leading online work. So we’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite projects from Denmark that have been honored at The Webby Awards over the last few years. 

See the work below, and enter your own before the Extended Entry Deadline for the 24th Annual Webby Awards on Friday, February 7th!


9 Webby-Recognized Projects from Denmark 🇩🇰

Dive into 9 great Webby-recognized projects produced in Denmark, one of the top-ranked countries in the 2019 International Webby Winner Index.

INSIDE by Playdead

2018 Webby Winner: Best User Experience (Games)

INSIDE swept the 22nd Annual Webby Awards, with two additional wins  in Action and Best Visual Design, as well as multiple nominations. Play the game to help the main character escape his surroundings, and discover a twist at the end.

I see U by Great Works Copenhagen

2017 Webby Nominee: NetArt (Websites)

This project, which was also included in the 2017 Webby for Good, works to democratize surveillance in a fun way, while reminding users that what we share is being collected and distributed.

The Portfolio Apartment by Alexander & Christian

2019 Webby Winner: Student (Advertising) 

Created by two students from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, The Portfolio Apartment uses a fake apartment listing near the Cannes Festival as a stunt to attract the attention of busy Creative Directors—and secure an international internship. The project took home the Webby Award in our inaugural student category in Advertising.

MoreFor the 24th Annual Webbys, we’ve introduced an inaugural Student category in Video.

Residente by Hello Monday

2017 Webby Winner: Music (Websites)

This very cool website made for the Puerto Rican rapper promotes more than just his own music catalog. Hello Monday created an interactive website to document Residente’s journey to make music based on his DNA, which took him across countries and constructed borders to a place of deep self-discover.

It also took home an additional Webby win in Celebrity/Fan.

"adDRESS_THE_FUTURE" by Virtue Nordic (2019)

2019 Webby Winner: Experience Marketing (Advertising)

Virtue Nordic explored how to help influencers continue wearing cool outfits “for the ‘Gram” while practicing sustainability. Their solution? adDRESS_THE_FUTURE. Check out the Webby Award-winning project.

Welcome Listeners by & Co. / NoA

2019 Webby Winner: Best Copywriting (Advertising)

Touching ad creating by & Co. / NoA for some music speaker brand. Took it a step further to deliver a beautiful message about the power of listening to our loved ones, to the world, and music, especially if we’ve been graced with the abilities to do so.

Sound Matters by Bang & Olufsen

2019 Webby Nominee: Best Original Music / Sound Design (Podcasts) 

In this Webby-nominated podcast, writer and producer Tim Hinman examines and plays the sounds of the world around us—from the bustling streets of Tokyo to understanding the phenomenon of synesthesia.

We The Fans by Hello Monday

2019 Webby Winner: Sports Teams (Websites)

Hello Monday teamed up with ESPN to create “We The Fans,” an interactive website celebrating the stories and passion of Chicago Bears’ football fans. This great project took home a win at the 23rd Annual Webby Awards.

Prepd - The Lunchbox Reimagined by Spring/Summer

2017 Webby Nominee: Food & Drink (Mobile) 

Lunch is such an important meal of the day, but it’s the easiest to neglect. Spring/Summer designed the Webby-nominated lunchbox and accompanying recipe app to help people make and pack healthy meals.