Webby x Instagram All-Stars July 23, 2019

Burberry’s B Series

To commemorate its new era, and excite customers, Burberry created a bespoke shopping experience by dropping B SERIES, its new collection only available on Instagram for 24 hours.

WEBBY x INSTAGRAM ALL-STARS is an interview series produced in partnership with Instagram for Business, featuring this year’s best Webby-winning projects for Instagram.


It’s difficult to stand out on social media, let alone the fashion industry’s highly saturated section of the Internet. So when Burberry wanted to excite its community about the appointment of new Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci, and a new visual identity, the team knew they needed to create a unique, socially native experience.

So they took to Instagram.

Specifically, they created B Series, a limited edition collection of pieces created by Tisci, available for purchase for only 24 hours through Burberry’s Instagram accounts. Instagram hadn’t yet launched integrated commerce, so Burberry created its own bespoke shopping experience, by centering and utilizing Instagram’s full ecosystem.

We spoke with Burberry on just how they created this project.

Your team created B Series to find a way to excite consumers about an exclusive release. How did you approach the project to ensure you were making the most coordinated and effective use of all of Instagram’s features and functionalities?

It is important to Burberry that all our experiences and touch points feel authentic and aligned with the Burberry brand. We analyzed user behavior on Instagram and developed bespoke interactions for each feature on the platform based on how users were already interacting with it. For example, when Instagram launched the countdown timer, we instantly adopted it into our creative across stories as it felt right for the drop and for the users. We have continued to tweak and adapt based on evolving preferences of our users.

What about Instagram made it the right platform for an integrated product release, especially one only available within a 24-hour window?

Burberry has always embraced social media and we felt social commerce was the next step for us. We see it as a way to connect moments of inspiration and discovery with a seamless purchase journey. This made Instagram and WeChat the perfect launch platforms for B Series.

The ephemeral nature of Instagram stories (24 hours) perfectly aligned with our proposition: limited product, limited time, limited distribution.

The ephemeral nature of Instagram Stories perfectly aligned with our proposition: limited product, limited time, limited distribution.”
— Burberry
You released B Series before there was integrated shopping on the platform. How did you approach creating an e-retail experience that mirrored your consumers’ user habits?

We were very mindful that our customers weren’t used to shopping directly via Instagram just yet, so we tried to create a shopping experience that felt natural within the social environment while still being aligned with our brand. We redesigned our shopping pages for mobile specifically and introduced simpler product details. In addition, we built more “social friendly” ways to discover the product, like moving from one item to the other by just tapping, much like Instagram stories.

How do you think engaging with the Burberry community on Instagram has impacted your business and future work?

As previously mentioned, at Burberry, we see B Series as a way to combine moments of inspiration and discovery with a seamless purchase journey. This made it an excellent channel for B Series as we were able to give back to our most loyal community by bringing Riccardo Tisci’s new product straight to them, before anyone else. The success of B Series has now paved the way for other activities across multiple channels that allow for even deeper interaction with our community.

Instagram is both a creative canvas and a platform to drive serious business results. How does your team strike a balance between the two? What went into the upfront marketing and planning for B Series?

Our primary objective was and remains to interact with our community across all our social platforms. B Series began as a way to offer them the first chance to buy Riccardo Tisci’s product. We have now evolved this into a platform where our followers can find exclusive product in very limited quantities. However, it is still a touchpoint for inspiration and wider brand experience, not just shopping.

What does your Webby win mean to you?

We are extremely proud to be awarded a Webby! For us, it represents the incredible passion and dedication of everyone involved.

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