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25th Annual Webby Awards April 27, 2020

Webby People’s Voice: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are a Webby veteran or a first-time entrant, here's the breakdown on what you need to run a successful Webby People's Voice campaign.

From Tuesday, April 20th through Thursday, May 6th, all Webby Nominees are competing for the People’s Voice award in their category! But winning the Internet is no easy task, so we’ve compiled eight tips to help Nominees get the most out of their People’s Voice campaign.

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Webby People's Voice: How To

Whether you are a Webby veteran or a first-time entrant, here's the breakdown on what you need to run a successful Webby People's Voice campaign.


Past entrants have used a variety of tactics to win votes in People’s Voice, but the first stop is social media. Posting on Instagram, Tweeting, Snapping, Tik Toking, and going live to get your followers to vote is a must. But it’s the creative approaches that get the most traction: We love the this bold graphic that Rotten Tomatoes (above) shared with their followers, for example. (See more social tips here.)


Speaking of social media, getting an media influencer to call out your People’s Voice campaign on their platform is another great idea and can push you over the top.

Here’s a great example from RuPaul’s Drag Race.


A little online makeover goes a long way to make an impression on followers and anyone who visits your page. Try uploading a People’s Voice-related cover photo on your social media accounts, a roadblock ad (like the And That’s Why We Drink podcast), or incorporate the Webby badges we’ve created for you.



If your app is nominated for a Webby, the first thing you should do is celebrate. Then send out a notification to your users and link them to vote.webbyawards.com so they can vote for it in People’s Voice.

Timehop sent out this mobile notification (above) to get their users to vote.


Are you into email newsletters? Us too. Sending out a dedicated email asking your audience to vote for you is a great way to engage people who already like your work. Remember, every click, forward, and reply helps increase your potential votes!

Last year, Tumblr sent an email to every person who has ever had a Tumblr. Now, that’s a strategy.

See a few more examples from MotherlyThe Verge, and Chani Nicholas (Webby Nominee turned 2019 Webby Winner)


If your podcast has been nominated, your listeners should be the first to know: Make sure to call out your nomination in your next episode and tell them you need their votes, like Pod Save the People2 Dope Queens, or Stuff You Should Know.


Try plugging your Webby nomination in the description section of your video series or podcast, or in the description of your app on the app store, and encourage your audience to vote for you.

Additionally, making a People’s Voice page on your site, releasing a custom video, or creating any other unique content about your campaign is a great way to call attention to your work and stand out in newsfeeds across the web.


If you have fans who hang out in Facebook groups, subreddits, Slack channels, fan pages, or elsewhere online, make sure you find them there. A fan page post helped Rhett and Link clinch their People’s Voice win.



What’s the difference between a Webby Award and a Webby People’s Voice Award? While The Webby Award in each category is selected by members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), The Webby People’s Voice Award is voted on by the online public. Both awards are coveted international distinctions of Internet excellence.

Are all Nominees eligible to win a People’s Voice Award? Yes! Every category has both a Webby Winner and a People’s Voice Winner. Indeed, it’s even possible to walk away with both awards.

When does People’s Voice take place? Voting for People’s Voice is open from April 28th to Thursday, May 7th at 11:59 PM/PT.

Where do people vote? All voting occurs on the People’s Voice website: vote.webbyawards.com

Who can vote? Any living human being with an Internet connection is eligible to vote in People’s Voice, and they can vote once in each category until May 7th. Make sure you spread the word and get your fans and followers to vote!

How many people vote in The People’s Voice Awards? In short… a lot. Over 3.5 million votes were cast from 230+ countries and territories in last year’s competition, and past winners include SpotifyNational Geographic, and James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke.” Campaigning in People’s Voice is a great way to expose your work to a massive, global audience.

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We’re rooting for you, too. However you decide to promote your work during People’s Voice and beyond, we want to help make it as effective as possible. Check out our Resource Page for nominees, which has even more info and tools to help you spread the word about your nomination.