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Webby Podcast October 25, 2022

S10 E3: Elle Key on The History of Sketch Comedy

Director, Writer and Producer Elle Key joins us to discuss her Webby-winning podcast The History of Sketch Comedy.


Elle Key’s accomplishments are plentiful and illustrious–but on this episode of the Webby Podcast, we focused on one thing: comedy. As the Director, Writer and Producer of the hit podcast The History of Sketch Comedy, Elle has developed a deep knowledge of the origins of sketch comedy, going all the way back to the European acting troupes of the Middle Ages.

The podcast, an Audible Original episodic, is hosted and performed by Elle’s husband Keegan-Michael Key, who brings his signature humor to what is an enjoyable romp through comedy’s history.

In this episode, Elle discusses her childhood growing up in New York City, what she thinks makes for powerful comedy, and even tells David-Michel Davies a few of her favorite jokes.