LISTEN: Webby Podcast May 22, 2018

S3 EP 8: Mitchell Baker, Chairwoman, Mozilla Foundation & Mozilla Corp.

2018 Webby Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Mitchell Baker sits down to discuss pioneering open source Internet applications with the Mozilla Project, and more!
For most of us, the Internet came into being for us with the browser and with Netscape.”
— Mitchell Baker Chairwoman, Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation

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Netscape and the 1998 Mozilla Project are huge milestones in the history of the Internet. Beyond inventing javascript and the very first browser, these entities paved the way for open source coding and innovation. Today’s guest, 2018 Webby Lifetime Achievement Winner Mitchell Baker, has been at its helm since 1993, as the Chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation.

After the 22nd Annual Webby Awards, Mitchell sits down with David-Michel Davies to discuss the early days of Netscape, building an open source project, and what that still means for the future of tech.

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