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LISTEN: Webby Podcast May 7, 2019

S5 EP 6: The Case for Home Cooking with Epicurious’ David Tamarkin

Epicurious' Digital Director, David Tamarkin is on a mission to use the Internet to reshape how we understand and participate in home cooking.
There are a lot of companies want u to think cooking is a waste of time.”
— David Tamarkin Digital Director, Epicurious

Home cooking in 2019 is hard—carving time in your schedule and finding the right recipe while inundated with choices is daunting. That’s why Epicurious’ Digital Director David Tamarkin is supplying the Internet with recipe ideas simple enough for “Tuesday night dinner” through Epicurious and his new book Cook90.

David joins David-Michel Davies for a talk on food, his journey to revamping Epicurious, and how people can return to home cooking.

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