Webby Podcast December 20, 2019

S6 EP 12: Building an Accessible Internet with Sinéad Burke

Sinéad Burke, advocate, educator, and host of "As Me with Sinéad" stops by The Webby Podcast to discuss why considering differently-abled bodies is imperative to building a better Internet, fashion industry, and world.
I think the Internet is a place where we can all be more conscious of how we look at and use accessibility.”
— Sinéad Burke Host, As Me with Sinéad

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Closing out Season 6 is a very special episode with Sinéad Burke, host of “As Me, with Sinéad.” At The Webbys, we spend a lot of time looking at the Internet, and determining what we want it to be. Sinéad is someone actively doing the work to create the Internet we want. On her show, she interviews notable guests about what it’s like to be them, how they navigate life in their bodies, and how this can help everyone better understand what its like out there for other people. She and host David-Michel Davies discuss what kickstarted her passion for accessibility advocacy, her famous TED Talk “Why Design Should Include Everyone,” and more.

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