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Webby Podcast October 27, 2020

S7 EP1: The Student Tracking Covid-19 with Avi Schiffmann

Season 7 kicks off with Webby Person of the Year, Avi Schiffmann, on tracking the early days of the pandemic through
It was strange because nobody was wearing masks. I was still in school. Nobody was talking about it, but I was still in the background working on this website and I had around 30,000 users a day.”
— Avi Schiffmann Creator,


In early January Avi Schiffman, a high school student in Washington, was inspired to build a website to track a disease rapidly moving through China. He launched before the novel coronavirus had an official name, and long before elected officials took it seriously. 2020 Webby Person of the Year Avi Schiffmann joins host David-Michel Davies to talk about creating a vital resource as a teenager, and the international pressure he’s faced to keep the numbers accurate.

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