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Webby Podcast December 1, 2020

S7 EP8: Autonomous Schooling and Honest Discussions with MK Asante

Webby Judge and host of "While Black with MK Asante" joins The Webby Podcast to talk about reforming the American education system, by equipping students of color with accurate history, autonomy, and technology.

MK Asante is a filmmaker, scholar, professor, and author of his memoir Buck. He’s also the host of two Snap Originals docuseries “Free Tuition with MK Asante” and “While Black with MK Asante,” and recently joined the Webby Academy to help us judge this year’s work! In the latest episode of The Webby Podcast, he talks about how current schooling models limit black students’ self expression, to how recordings of racist incidents have sparked honest discussions about race in the U.S., but ultimately cannot be the solution to racism. Listen now!

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