Webby Rankings January 15, 2021

The Webby Games Industry Index

The index showcases the top 5 game creators honored last year at the 24th Annual Webby Awards.

IN ITS SECOND YEAR, our annual Webby Industry Index series showcases the companies creating the highest caliber of work across their industries. Companies have been separated by their respective industries; The Webby Games Industry Index highlights the world’s best game creators with the most projects honored last year in the 24th Annual Webby Awards. In addition, we’ve highlighted a few pieces of work created by each of the featured companies. Read the full Industry Index series to see this year’s best Media CompaniesProduction CompaniesPodcastsBrandsAgencies, and Tech Brands.

HOW IT WORKS: We analyzed which industries were most represented during the 24th Annual Webby Awards, and ranked the top five companies produced the highest performing work. *Companies are listed with the highest-performing companies top to bottom.

In recent months, the gaming industry has witnessed a massive uptick in users. Indie games rolled out to audiences quarantining at home and hungry for more entertainment. The popularity of micro-strategy games like puzzles shot through the roof. Last year, Annapurna Interactive led as the top-honored game company in the 24th Annual Webby Awards, moving up from its third place rank in the 2019 Industry Index. Additionally, McCann New York is the only agency featured in the games index.

The Best Game Creators

1. Annapurna Interactive 

Moving up from its third-place ranking is Annapurna Interactive. Check out some of their projects that swept Craft categories in the 24th Annual Webby Awards, like Outer Wilds and Sayonara Wild Hearts, the 2020 Webby Winner for Best Game Design.

2. Gearbox Software

Ranked in second place is Gearbox Software, a video game company that did performed well across the competition with Borderlands 3, the 2020 Webby People’s Voice Winner in Best Art Direction, Best Game Design, and Best User Experience. 

3. Ellen Digital Network 

Ellen Digital Network received a few honors at last year’s Webby Awards, including across our Games categories. Play a few of their Webby-recognized games, like Psych! Outwit Your FriendsGames of Games the Game, and of course, Heads Up!, the 2020 Webby and People’s Voice Winner in Multiplayer/Competitive Game.

4. Ubilabs

Ranked for the first time on the index is Ubilabs for their well-designed game Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego. Check out the project, which won the Webby and People’s Voice Awards for Family & Kids in Games. 

5. Piccolo Studio and Techland Publishing | System Era Softworks | McCann New York

The fifth ranking in our index has a three-way tie between Piccolo Studio and Techland Publishing, McCann New York, and System Era Softworks. Dive into their projects: Arise: A Simple Story, the 2020 Webby Winner in Best Art Direction by Piccolo Studio and Techland Publishing, Astroneer by System Era Softworks, the 2020 Webby and People’s Voice Winner for Independent Creator, and Changing The Game by McCann New York, the 2020 Webby Winner for Technical Achievement.


The companies listed in the Webby Agency Industry Index represent the world’s leaders in gaming. Read the full series to see which brands, media companies, podcasts, agencies, and production companies, ranked the highest in the 24th Annual Webby Awards.

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