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People’s Voice Social Media Tips

The key to winning the Webby People’s Voice Award is a great social media campaign. Here are a few winning tactics.

The key to winning the Webby People’s Voice Award is a great social media campaign. Here are a few winning tactics.

The first step to taking home a Webby People’s Voice win is to make sure the right people know about your nomination. Fans? Supporters? Fanatics? Whatever you call them—it’s time to mobilize your biggest advocates on social media.

Promoting your nomination on social media should be fun, engaging, creative, and most of all—motivating. So, we’ve compiled 6 best practices to help you this year:

1. Catch Your Audience’s Eyes with The Webby Voting Toolkit

Share the news of your achievement and rally your audience to vote. To help, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. As a Nominee you have access to the Webby Voting Toolkit created in Canva which includes a custom editable promotional toolkit, including social assets, digital ads, email assets and more.

We’re offering you and your team a 3-month free trial of Canva Pro, which unlocks premium templates, fonts, videos, and features, to help kick off and support your People’s Voice campaign at every step of the process.

Just login, download your assets and start promoting. Access your complimentary Canva Pro trial using the code: WEBBYS27 and get designing here 

2. Nothing Humble About this Brag

Being recognized by The Webby Awards is a big deal. This was a record-breaking year, with nearly 14,000 entries from over 70 countries around the world. Your nomination means that your work stood out from the pack for being truly exceptional. You deserve to celebrate the online work you’ve created. Not only that, but your community is excited to celebrate with you, and people who are fans want to support you. So make it easier for them by sharing the big news and letting them know how they can help you take home a win.

3. If You Didn’t Post It, Did It Really Happen?

Posting on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and wherever else you are “social,” is a no-brainer when promoting your Webby nomination. Don’t sleep on this opportunity to engage with your followers—announce your nomination across all of your channels, and make it easy to vote for you by having the link to your Nominee Listing present in your social bios and profiles everywhere.

Help your posts cut through the noise by thinking outside of the box, like the cast of Schitt’s Creek.

Schitt\'s Creek 2019 Webby People\'s Voice

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

There are tons of features to help promote your nomination, with new ones rolling out all the time. A few places to start:

Instagram: Instagram Reels is a great place to start! Find inspiration for your campaign in the dedicated Reels tab, and play around with the many editing tools available. You can also look through Story Stickers for polls, countdowns, questions and more features for engaging with your audience in fun and meaningful ways. See a Story example below from HBO Max’s Legendary.

Twitter: Spaces is a feature that gained a lot of traction on Twitter. Here, you can host live audio conversations and boost engagement and dialogue around your campaign. And Twitter is all about voice and doing a lot with a little, so get creative and try appealing to your audience through humor, memes, and clever short-form writing! Look at The Simpsons’ campaign, for example:

TikTok: TikTok is continually rolling out features to stay ahead of the curve. Play around with the editing tools, effects and stickers available, and pay attention to sounds and trends. Jumping on a trend that you can connect with in a clever and authentic way could be the key to blowing up your campaign’s reach. See TikToker Rayvon Owen’s campaign as an example.


@thesims spark’d is up for the @thewebbyawards 😱 plz VOTE💚🏆

♬ original sound – Rayvon Owen


LinkedIn: This is THE platform for bragging about your milestones and accomplishments. Here you can be direct and get straight to the point with post features that encourage you to celebrate an occasion, or you can lean into popular, tried-and-true formats like polls and long-form writing. LinkedIn has also recently launched its own Live Video, which you can access through the Event creator tool if you’re eligible for the feature to directly reach the ideal audience to support your work in a raw and personal way.

YouTube and Twitch are always testing and rolling out new features for creators. If you have an audience there, lean on the trust and connection you’ve earned with your following and leverage new ways to grow your campaign’s reach, like trending hashtags on YouTube and Creator Goals on Twitch.

5. Tap into Pop Culture

Like we mentioned, appealing to your audience with humor and memes can be a very effective strategy. And both Instagram and Twitter are the perfect platforms for this type of content. So try grabbing your audience’s attention with memes, and tapping into pop culture moments that week, like InStyle’s campaign during the 24th Annual Webby Awards.

6. Use Webby Badges We’ve Created For You

Get your audience excited. We’ve created a few Webby badges for you to use throughout your graphics and on social. There are also more social assets you can utilize in The Webby Voting Toolkit, created in Canva. Feel free to use them in Instagram posts, like Storybots, in Stories, TikTok videos, and more.

7. Get Up Close And Personal

Livestream video is exploding. Brands, influencers and people everywhere are loving this simple tool for connecting with their followers in a direct, transparent, and authentic way. By using livestream video, you can make your announcement into an event while giving people an unedited and personal glimpse into what your Webby nomination—and a potential win—means to you. Let them know how much work went into your Webby-nominated project, take questions, and get your followers hyped up to vote, like The Young Turks’ Hasan Piker.

Hasan Piker PV Vote

8. Content is King

Break through the noise. You can score some major votes by getting creative with original content that surprises, engages, and stands out from the rest. Whether your talents are in writing, animation, design, TikTok transitions, or audio, go with what you know and tap into unconventionality, and more.

This year, we’re leveling up your campaign with an editable voting toolkit created with Canva, the official design partner of the 26th Annual Webby Awards. These vibrant and fresh templates will not only help your followers engage in voting, but they’ll find designs to help rally their own communities behind you, as well!

7. Remember the Power of Influence

A little clout goes a long way. If your Webby-nominated project features a celebrity or influencer, or if you just happen to have friends in high places, nudge them to give your nomination a shout out. Even micro-influencers have a lot of power to create a movement behind your campaign. The ACLU and Brooklyn Defender Services called on 2018 Webby Special Achievement Winner Jesse Williams. You can also always stop the Internet, using a celebrity like Celine Dion.  

More Resources:

Every day during the public voting period, we’re sharing social media highlights featuring the creative ways that Webby Nominees are promoting their nominations. You can find the People’s Voice Daily in our Instagram Story Highlight, or as a Twitter Moment on @TheWebbyAwards.

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And good luck!