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The Webby Awards' famous "5-Word Speech" keeps our celebrations vibrant and exciting. Below are winner and special achievement speeches from the 20 years of Webby celebrations from the old days in San Francisco to more recent shows in New York City.
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Special Achievement

Special Achievement
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge/Pat Quinn: "Every August until a cure."
Lifetime Achievement
WIRED: "Remember. It's all just prelude."
Outstanding Comedic Performance
Chelsea Peretti: "The Internet must be stopped."
Agency of the Year
Leo Burnett Toronto/Shaina Holtz: "Create change like a girl."
Breakout of the Year
Tinder: "Thank you for swiping right."
Best Actor
Tituss Burgess: "Happy Fucking Birthday Tina Fey."
Best Actress
Ellie Kemper : "So excited! Live-streaming my pants!"
Webby Lifetime Achievement
Louis Rossetto & Jane Metcalfe: "Remember. It's all just Prelude."
Outstanding Comedic Performance
Chelsea Peretti: "The Internet must be Stopped."
Best Actor
Tituss Burgess: "Happy Fucking Birthday Tina Fey."
Best Actress
Ellie Kemper: "So Excited! Live-Streaming My Pants!"
Webby Breakout of the Year
Tinder: "Thank you for Swiping Left. "
Special Achievement
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: "Every August until a Cure."
Webby Agency of the Year
Leo Burnett Toronto: "Create Change like a Girl."



Invisible Girlfriend: "We think it's crazy too."
Viacom Media Networks: "Professors gonna hate—just rate."
Personal Blog/Website
Things Organized Neatly: "Let me organize your things."
Zync: "Zync. Hadfield. Over the moon."


Scene 360: "Reality is merely an illusion."
charlieclarkdesign: "To a more colorful world."
Cracked: "Soren has prepared something. Soren?"
Tampon Run: "We are girls who code."
Twitch: "The Twitch community owns this"
National Film Board of Canada: "Confession Time..Sinner or Saint?"


Best Navigation/Structure
Hello Monday: "What d'ya think? [astronaut muffled word] [astronaut muffled word]"
Best User Experience
Wikiwand: "God bless you, Wikipedia editors."
Best Use of Video or Moving Image
The Guardian: "Why we should never forget."
Best Use of Photography
National Geographic: "Take pictures! Tell Stories! Go!"
Best Navigation/Structure
Fabrique & Q42: "To be year!"


WebMD: "Cure for the common website."
Evolve Media: "Totally worth walking in heels."
Greatist: "Healthy doesn't have to suck."
Understood: "Everyone deserves to be understood."
Gear Patrol: "Boobs for clicks? Not us."


ACTIVATION NODEPLUS: "Look Webby and Activation NotePlus!"
Food & Drink
Epicurious: "Is this thing gluten free?"
Food & Drink
Gateway Media: "Kind of a Big Deal"
Car Sites & Car Culture
IDEO: "Leave the driving to...nobody"
Corporate Communications
IDEO: "Reinventing the school lunch system."
Professional Services
Freelancer: "Even this speech was outsourced."
Harry's: "Ain't no mountain...high enough"


Blog - Cultural
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: "Write well and edit better."
Radio & Podcasts
KCRW: "Hear something new everyday."
Movie & Film
WatsonDG: "This is how we do"


Web Services & Applications
Made by Many: "Service trumps marketing. It's official. "
Real Estate
Zillow: "Zillow, you're my only hope."
TripAdvisor: "Plan and book on Trip Advisor"
Freelancer: "Even this speech was outsourced."


NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory: "Even dogs trust NASA science."
Cooley LLP: "Engagement letters under your seats."
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory: "Voyager went interstellar—before Mcconaughey."
Brooklyn Digital Foundry: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet."
Corporate Social Responsibility
The Nature Conservancy, Africa Region / Martin Guitar Co. / Carrot Creative: "Elephants rule—and poachers DROOL."
Corporate Social Responsibility
MRY: "Don't text and walk, either."
Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit
HandUp: "Homeless people are people too."
Code and Theory: "You really should visit California"
Josh Worth Art & Design: "Thanks. Can I keep it?"
National Film Board of Canada: "Confession time: sinner or saint?"
SOON_: "Do it loud and proud."
Cultural Institutions
BrightMedia: "Let's reload love into websites."

Websites - Entertainment

Funny Or Die: "I miss my wife terribly."

Advertising & Media

Health, Wellness, Pharmaceutical
DM9Sul: "Mark Zuckerberg, please add me."
Augmented Reality
HBO: "All men must Oculus Rift."
Media & Entertainment
Mother New York + Resn: "The first self-destructing speech . . . ever."
Mother New York: "Well, big pinnin' ain't easy."
Media & Entertainment
Razorfish: "Let the music do the . . ."
Best Use of Mobile Media
Essence: "We win—victory bonus. Woohoo!"
Game or Application
Essence: "Long journey. Worth the wait."
Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns
Red & Co: "Million girl coders fuck yeah."
Branded Content
Hayden 5 : "Thanks—for having your period."
Financial Services & Insurance
MassMutual and IDEO: "You're a grownup. Don't panic."
Integrated Campaigns
72andSunny: "OK Google, pawn shops nearby."
Auto & Auto Services
Y&R NY and Tool of NA: "Spoiler alert: literature still matters."
Consumer Electronics & Services
BBH New York: "Our latest tech: oil paintings."
Mobile Advertising
BBH New York: "[woof]x5"
Public Service & Activism
Epsilon/Conversant: "Amber could have been saved."
Game or Application
Droga5: "750 million still need water."
Consumer Packaged Goods
BBDO New York: "[woof] [woof] which means thanks."
Business Products & Services
Huge: "Think with Google. Google it."
Online Guerilla & Innovation
Circul8: "Speaking for women who can't."
Email Marketing
LiveAD: "Politicians. We are watching you."
Food & Beverage
Havas Worldwide NY: "Stay thirsty my Internet Friends"

Online Film & Video

The Guardian: "Careful—they are watching you."
Events & Live Webcasts
The Howard Stern Show/SiriusXM: "Baba Booey Baba Booey, Baba."
Variety (Channel)
Red Bull Media House: "Have fun every day twice."
How-To & DIY
Whalerock Industries: "Creativity always has a home. / [Pictures equal a thousand words]"
Best Editing
Blizzard Entertainment: "The world needs more heroes."
BLIND: "I'm not Chris Martin. Sorry!"
Animation (Branded)
VCCP/Psyop: "Jorg, Kai, Catherine, Thank You"
Experimental & Weird
Fourclops: "Finally, being weird pays off."
Drama: Long Form or Series
AMC: "Post-Apocalyptic. Thanks. Greg. Show. Fans."
AMC: "Thanks Chris. Show. Fans. Megaphone."
Dezeen: "Thanks for sharing the glove."
Best Individual Performance
CollegeHumor: " is one word, so..."
Documentary: Individual Episode
National Geographic: "War dogs save lives. Respect"
Live Experiences (Branded)
Mullen: "Thank you. And your mamas."
Unscripted (Branded)
Mullen: "Thank you. And your mamas."
News & Information (Channel)
HuffPost Live/ The Huffington Post: "Sold stock, pre-Verizon. Fuck."
Comedy: Individual Short or Episode
WCP: "I never learned how to count"
Denizen: "Be excellent to each other"
Integrated Campaigns
Droga5: "Will what you want. Thanks"
Drama: Individual Short or Episode
m ss ng p eces: "Say I love you first"
News & Information (Channel)
The Young Turks Network: "We won again...of course!"
Science & Education (Channel)
Vsauce Networks: "As always, thanks for watching. "
News & Politics: Series
VICE Media: "Vice won 11 of these!"
How-To & DIY
PBS: "Shanks you...shanks you very much."

Mobile & Apps

Travel (Handheld Devices)
KAYAK: "Thanks. Webbys afterparty in Cuba."
Best Streaming Audio
SoundCloud: "Make music; tell stories. Thanks."
Services & Utilities (Tablet & All Other Devices) "We'd love to thank . . . spammers?"
Travel (Handheld Devices)
A+E Networks: "Let history be your guide."
Shopping (Handheld Devices)
RetailMeNot, Inc.: "We're saving the world . . . money."
Games (Handheld Devices)
Dots: "Let's make games for everyone."
Best Use of GPS or Location Technology
Zillow: "Street Easy is the bomb."
Integrated Mobile Experience
Walgreen Co.: "Happy and healthy wins Webbys."
Travel (Tablet & All Other Devices)
Mobiata: "Amazing people. Crafting beautiful apps."
Lifestyle (Tablet & All Other Devices)
INDG & Momkai: "Everyone invited. A-mi-kasa."
Best User Experience
Shyp: "It's Shyp, with a Y."
Experimental & Innovation
UC Irvine, CRAYFIS collaboration: "Citizen Science. For the win."
Food & Drink
Distiller: "Whiskey Hannibal? Drink with us"
Distiller: "Whiskey Hannibal? Drink with us"
Education & Reference
NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory: "Earth. It's in your hands"
Best Practices
MailChimp: "Atlanta's got something to say"
Family & Kids
Fountain Digital Labs/ Svetlana Dragayeva/ UNIT9/ Martin Percy: "chomp chomp chomp chomp roar"
Best User Experience
Tumblr: "Thank you my fellow teenagers"
News (Handheld Devices)
BuzzFeed: "Just wanna say, thanks Obama"
Best Use of Mobile Camera
Instagram: "#hypelapse #clapemoji"
Best User Interface
Instagram: "#hypelapse #clapemoji"
Instagram: "#hypelapse #clapemoji"
Shopping (Handheld Devices)
Derris & Company: "A spring for Spring. Clever"


Armed Mind: "Stories come in all mutations."
Best Photography & Graphics
OGILVY & MATHER: "Five words, what the fractal?"
Public Service & Activism
Juniper Park: "Boobs for clicks? Not us."
HBO: "Valar morghulis and thank you."
Native Advertising
Razorfish: "Emojis: [smiley blush] [heart eyes] [celebration] [tears laugh] [hands together with yellow rays] [mercedes]"
PARTY: "Happy people: stay on Facebook."
Family & Parenting
Target: "She held a mighty spring."
Experimental & Innovation
Good Day Blimp Project: "And now available for freelance."
Experimental & Innovation
Mall of America: "Coffee? Coffee? Coffee? Cinnabon. Coffee."
Edelman: "You can't say Super Bowl."
Education & Discovery
Colorado State University : "The world needs different minds."
Health & Fitness
Langland: "We dedicate this to: chlamydia"
News & Information
BBC News Online: "Beware! The British are coming."
Best Photography & Graphics
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: "Bitch better have my Monet"
LDV UNited: "Cheers! From brave little Belguim."
Overall Social Presence
Mashable: "Mashable. Inspire. Inform. Entertain. Thanks!"
100happydays: "And what's your happy day for today?"