Winning a Webby Award is a huge deal—you’re officially recognized as the best of the global Internet. It’s time to make sure everyone knows it. There are many reasons to promote your Webby Win, but here are 6 to start.

1. You’ve Been Crowned an Industry Leader

Winning a Webby Award is an incredible achievement: With 13,000 entries from all 50 U.S. states and 70+ countries—and nearly 3 million votes cast by nearly 1 million users in the Webby People’s Voice Awards—the 23rd Annual Webby Awards is the biggest in our history. As a Webby Winner, you truly set the standard of excellence on the Internet. With the prestige and cachet that accompanies a Webby win, you have joined a legacy of the Internet’s best and brightest, making you—and your work—and industry leader. That level of prestige should be touted accordingly.

Whether you worked on a winning campaign, series, or app, be sure to highlight your Webby win wherever you can. It exponentially sets your work apart from any competition.

2. You’ll Make Global Headlines

The Webby Awards receives a lot of buzz, and therefore so do Webby Winners. Last year’s Webbys earned over 13 billion media impression and headline worldwide. Being a part of The Webbys puts your achievement on the global media stage!

Learn more at our Press page.

3. You’ll Close Future Business Deals

Being a Webby Award Winner is impressive. Potential clients and partners will see that you produce award-winning digital projects, which validates your work and gives people a strong reason to work with you and use your services.

Eighty percent of Webby Winners attribute their win to earning new business.

4. You Can Rub Elbows with Internet Icons

As a Webby Winner, you’re invited to attend the 23rd Annual Webby Awards in New York City on Monday, May 13th!

From Internet icon Vint Cerf to incredible creators like Issa Rae and Hasan Minhaj, being at The Webby Awards means being in the room with the Internet’s best movers and shakers. You’ll mingle with fellow Winners, while having the opportunity to connect with the Webby community of digital professionals, luminaries, and celebrities.

5. You Can Salute Your Team in a Big Way

Your Webby win allows you to recognize your valued employees for their accomplishments. There’s no better way to show them that you think their work is awesome than to share this news with the world.

6. You Can Deliver a 5-Word Speech

As a Winner, you get to deliver one of The Webby Awards’ famous 5-Word Speeches to a global audience.

From Internet luminaries like Mitchell Baker, to talented artists like Laura Linney and David Harbour, to digital upstarts and independent creators like Museum of Ice Cream and Dylan Marron, all Webby Winners have the chance to go down in history with an awesome 5-Word acceptance speech.

Need inspiration? Watch the best 5-Word Speeches from the 22nd Annual Webbys.

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