The 5G For Change

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that life needs some hacking. So for the first time in the history of The Webby Awards, we invite you to the 5G for Change Hackathon. There’s no shortage of things that need to be fixed. 5G is an invaluable tool in that pursuit—speed, access, and real-world change for the better.

Build something for change. Win a Webby and $50,000.

Entries are now closed.

Presented By:Verizon

5G For Change FAQ

The Webby 5G For Change Hackathon Presented by Verizon is your opportunity to assemble a team and come up with your most game-changing 5G idea. Four finalists will come to New York City and pitch their final presentations to an impressive group of jurors for a chance for $50,000 and a Webby-winning moment on stage at The 26th Annual Webby Awards.

Here are some common questions you might have during the process and as always, if you can’t find an answer below, please reach out to Webby Producer, Esther Hoff at

  •   What makes 5G so special?
  • How can we learn more about 5G?
  • What exactly does “for change” mean?
  • How do you apply?
  • How will The Webby Awards select the participating teams?
  • Are there any mandatory dates and time commitments for participation in the hackathon?
  • Do we need a developer or engineer on our team? Will we need to build a prototype?
  • Are there any restrictions on how the prize money can be spent?
  • Does it have to be technologically-related?
  • If our team is not based in New York, can you still compete?
  • What if our team representatives can’t travel to NYC?
  • Will we be the sole owners of the intellectual property and also be able to develop it further to make it our own?
  • If you don’t want to appear in photo or video footage of the competition, can you still compete?
  • Can a team submit more than one solution to the briefing? (Same team members, but more than one idea in different submissions.)).
  • Can a team member (Member A, for example), team up with other creatives and apply with a different solution on a different team?
  • Are we meant to use the $50K prize to create that change? Like literally?
  • Are we presenting an idea of how 5G can improve society?