- Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh

The 22nd Annual Webby Awards is excited to honor Steven Soderbergh as Webby Film & Video Person of the Year for his incredible contributions to digital filmmaking with his app Mosaic, and his recent film Unsane.

While most television and films being released online are happening exclusively through streaming, Soderbergh has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with digital storytelling with Mosaic by empowering people to choose how to interact with and follow this gripping story. In doing so, Soderbergh is using the Internet not just to disseminate content, but to improve on the craft of filmmaking itself and the experience for viewers. And to introduce an entirely new way to interact with storytelling through one’s phone.

Further, with the recent release of Unsane, shot entirely on an iPhone, Soderbergh showed the world that it’s possible to create truly groundbreaking films with just the devices in your pocket. Unsane is not only a fantastic film, it’s also a testament to Soderbergh’s genius as a filmmaker that he was able to produce something truly inspiring with a phone alone; and it’s a challenge to creators everywhere to look beyond the standard toolset and explore the possibilities presented by advances in digital technology.

For challenging our expectations around films and filmmaking, and for surprising and delighting viewers everywhere with Mosaic and Unsane, it is our pleasure to honor Steven Soderbergh as Webby Film & Video Person of the Year.

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