- Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler

The Webby Awards is humbled to honor Susan Fowler as the 2018 Webby Person of the Year for her fearless use of the Internet to expose a deep culture of misogyny and sexual assault and harassment with her blog “Reflecting on One Very, Very Strange Year at Uber.”

Fowler’s blog was a necessary spark that helped ignite the #MeToo movement. By coming forward in a public way on the Internet, not only did Fowler set off massive change throughout Uber, but her words had a ripple effect throughout the industry, forcing those who work in tech to begin to face their damaging misogynistic and sexist work cultures that prevent far too many women from reaching their full potential. As a result of Fowler’s brave and personal post and all that followed, women entering the tech world in the future stand a greater chance at being treated with fairness—and women everywhere feel a little more emboldened to come forward with their own stories.

For taking a stand against sexual harassment within the tech industry and opening the door wider to the better treatment and fairer employment of women within tech and the world at large, it is our great privilege to present Susan Fowler with the Webby Award for Person of the Year.

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