Honoree - COTO-TAMA
2009 Honoree


Interactive Advertising
Campaign Categories
Integrated Campaigns

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  • Producer
    Toru Suzuki
    Pyramid Film Quadra Inc.
  • Production Manager
    Hajime Watanabe
    Pyramid Film Quadra Inc.
  • Copywriter
    Tsubasa Ooyagi 
    Hakuhodo Inc.
  • Art Director
    Koichi Kosugi
    Hakuhodo Inc.
  • Interactive Planner
    Seiichi Okura
    Hakuhodo Inc.
  • Creative Producer
    Shoko Akutagawa
    Hakuhodo Inc.
  • Interactive Designer
    Kamihiro You
    Pyramid Film Quadra Inc.
  • System Engineer
    Hideyuki Aida   
    Pyramid Film Quadra Inc.

About the Integrated Campaigns category

Integrated Campaigns must include at least 3 different media types, one of which must be online. In addition to online, other media types can include print, outdoor, TV, guerilla or radio.

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