Honoree - The Wall
2009 Honoree

The Wall

Wunderman GmbH
Interactive Advertising
Individual Categories
Environmental & Experience Marketing

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  • Creative Director
    Monika Neumann
    wunderman GmbH Germany
  • Art Director
    Anja Gottschling
    wunderman GmbH Germany
  • Webdeveloper
    Rafael Hiss
    wunderman GmbH Germany
  • Copywriter
    Daniel Wippermann
    wunderman GmbH Germany
  • Creative Director
    Uli Buesgen
    wunderman GmbH Germany
  • Copywriter
    Ralf Hildebrand
    wunderman GmbH Germany

About the Environmental & Experience Marketing category

The use of interactive or online components to create real-world brand immersion. This can consist of interactive kiosks, outdoor interactive signage and other environmental marketing that prompts the user to interact with the Web via computer or mobile device.

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