Honoree - Tagged in Motion
2009 Honoree

Tagged in Motion

Jung von Matt AG
Interactive Advertising
Individual Categories
Online Guerilla & Innovation

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  • Project Manager
    Dorte Luecker
    Jung von Matt
  • Project Manager
    Thomas Kreutzer
    Jung von Matt
  • Copywriter
    Henning Korb
    Jung von Matt
  • Filmproduction
    Frank Zerban
  • Creative Director
    Simone Ashoff
    Jung von Matt
  • Idea/Concept/Production
    Nina Borrusch
    Jung von Matt
  • Graffiti Artist
    Mirko Reisser
  • Programmer
    Christoph Maeschig
    Jung von Matt

About the Online Guerilla & Innovation category

Consists of un-conventional and innovative online promotional techniques, done with a small marketing budget and with technological advancement as motivation. By nature, guerilla marketing is subtle, often deceptive; sometimes called "stealth" marketing. All components of the entry must be online.

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