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Fate’s in your hands

BBH China
Mobile Sites & Apps
Experimental & Innovation


  • Senior Planner
    Philip Man
    BBH China
  • Mobile Augmented Reality Producer
    Istvan Barakonyi
    Qdero Limited
  • Web Producer
    Josephine Peh
    BBH Singapore
  • AR Character Programmer
    Marco Dörflinger
    Qdero Limited
  • Mobile Executive Producer
    Michael Gervautz
    Qdero Limited
  • Animator
    John Gu
    Qdero Limited
  • Character Concept Creator
    Steve Chao
    Qdero Limited
  • Animator
    Oliver Pei
    Qdero Limited
  • Executive Creative Director
    Johnny Tan
    BBH China
  • Senior Copywriter
    Carol Ong
    BBH China
  • Copywriter
    Ken Lu
    BBH China
  • Senior Art Director
    Yinbo Ma
    BBH China
  • Art Director
    Alex Avis
    BBH China
  • Augmented Reality Tracking Scientist
    Daniel Wagner
    Qdero Limited
  • Account Director
    Jasmine Huang
    BBH China

About the Experimental & Innovation category

The use and/or implementation of groundbreaking mobile technology or unconventional applications of mobile technology in mobile Websites, applications and environmental situations. Entries in this category may be theoretical, pre-production technologies pushing the boundaries and definitions of mobile.




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