Honoree - The Uncler with Uncle Sam and Alyssa Milano
2010 Honoree

The Uncler with Uncle Sam and Alyssa Milano

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Best Individual Performance

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  • as "The Uncler"
    Seth Morris
    Funny or Die
  • Writer and Director
    Jake Szymanski
    Funny or Die
  • Producer
    Mike Farah
    Funny or Die
  • Producer
    Lauren Palmigiano
    Funny or Die
  • Producer
    Josh Simpson
    Funny or Die

About the Best Individual Performance category

Best individual performance by a person or thing (puppet, animal, flying lawnmower, etc.) in a video series or episode. Can consist of a particularly poignant dramatic performance, a breathtaking stunt, a painstakingly executed dance routine, or any performance that captures viewers’ attention and cannot be easily replicated.




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