Honoree - Sushi Plane
2011 Honoree

Sushi Plane

DDB, Sydney
Interactive Advertising
Integrated Campaigns

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  • Managing Partner
    Brent Annells
    DDB, Sydney
  • Senior Digital Business Director
    Anna Kismet
    DDB, Sydney
  • Senior Business Director
    Melissa Harold
    DDB, Sydney
  • Copywriter
    Alex Stainton
    DDB, Sydney
  • Senior Business Manager
    Clare Anderson
    DDB, Sydney
  • Senior Experiential Director
    Steve Fontanot
    Mango, Sydney
  • Producer
    Karen Watson
    The Feds, Australia
  • TV Director
    Mike Goode
    The Feds, Australia
  • Account Director
    Larissa Best
    Mango, Sydney
  • Experiential Director
    Michael Ozard
    Mango, Sydney
  • TV Editor
    Glen Leahy
    The Feds, Australia
  • Senior Planner
    Dan Pankraz
    DDB, Sydney
  • Senior Digital Designer
    Shanan Goldring
    Tribal DDB, Sydney
  • Flash Developer
    Aiden Weatherby
    Tribal DDB, Sydney
  • TV Producer
    Kristy Fransen
    DDB, Sydney
  • Digital Creative Director
    Matt Grogan
    Tribal DDB, Sydney
  • Web Developer
    Terry Newman
    Tribal DDB, Sydney
  • Senior Community Manager
    Abey Malouf
    DDB, Sydney
  • Art Director
    Adam Ledbury
    DDB, Sydney
  • Group Business and Project Director
    Kristina Frost
    DDB, Sydney

About the Integrated Campaigns category

Integrated Campaigns must include at least 3 different media types, one of which must be online. In addition to online, other media types can include print, outdoor, TV, guerilla or radio.

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