2011 Webby Award Winner

White. Very White

Proximity Colombia
Interactive Advertising
Email Marketing

Proximity says thanks dot com.

White. Very White


  • Accounts VP
    Juan Fernando Niño
    Proximity Colombia
  • Copy
    Emilio Mutis
    Proximity Colombia
  • Web Designer
    Jonathan Mcvinish
    Proximity Colombia
  • Accounts
    Maria Fernanda Nova
    Proximity Colombia
  • CEO
    Mario Bertieri
    Proximity Colombia
  • Creative Director
    Sandra Piedrahita
    Proximity Colombia
  • Graphic Creative Director
    Alejandro Mesa
    Proximity Colombia
  • Web Creative Director
    Phillip Scholz
    Proximity Colombia

About the Email Marketing category

Consists of un-conventional and innovative online promotional techniques, done with a small marketing budget and with technological advancement as motivation. By nature, guerilla marketing is subtle, often deceptive; sometimes called "stealth" marketing. All components of the entry must be online.

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