Honoree - Send a Call From Santa
2011 Honoree

Send a Call From Santa

Varitalk Holdings LLC
Interactive Advertising
Rich Media: Promotional

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  • Producer
    Kathryn Rothstein
    Varitalk Holdings LLC
  • Lead Tech Manager
    Steve Krzysiak
    Varitalk Holdings LLC
  • Graphic Designer
    Gina Mayes
    Varitalk Holdings LLC
  • Lead Audio Engineer
    Derek Stoker
    Varitalk Holdings LLC
  • "Voice of Santa"
    JoBe Cerny
    Grossman & Jack Talent
  • President
    Frederick Lowe
    Varitalk Holdings LLC
  • Account Executive
    Lindsey Wixom
    Varitalk Holdings LLC
  • Product Marketing Manager
    Michael Bolongino
    Google Voice
  • Writer
    Lawrence Collerd
    Varitalk Holdings LLC

About the Rich Media: Promotional category

Includes rich media created to promote special sales, new products, seasonal goods or to increase sales of a specific product or service.

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