Nominee - OK Go “This Too Shall Pass”
2011 Nominee

OK Go “This Too Shall Pass”

The Mill-Syyn Labs-James Frost
Interactive Advertising
Viral Marketing


  • Director of Photography
    Dermott Downs
  • Producer
    Shirley Moyers
    Ok Go Partnership
  • Senior Smoke Artist
    Tony Robins
    The Mill
  • Senior Smoke Artist
    Jeff Robbins
    The Mill
  • Telecine Artist
    Jamie Wilkinson
    The Mill
  • Senior Smoke Artist
    Westley Sarokin
    The MIll
  • Editor
    Nicholas Wayman Harris
    Union Editorial

About the Viral Marketing category

An advertising and marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message. Can be graphic, text or video-based advertising.

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