Nominee - NOOK for iPad by Barnes & Noble
2011 Nominee

NOOK for iPad by Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble
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  • Sr. Vice President, Corporate Communications and P
    Mary Ellen Keating
    Barnes & Noble
  • Manager, User Research
    Jesse Zolna
    Barnes & Noble
  • VP, Web Analytics & Business Intelligence
    Michael Wexler
    Barnes & Noble
  • Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing
    Eli Hurwitz
    Barnes & Noble
  • Director, Customer Service
    Melanie Doty
    Barnes & Noble
  • Director of Corporate Communications
    Carolyn Brown
    Barnes & Noble
  • Manager, NOOK Client Apps
    Chris Lang
    Barnes & Noble
  • Sr. Quality Assurance
    Scott Diller
    Barnes & Noble
  • QA Analyst
    David Lindez
    Barnes & Noble
  • Chief Executive Officer
    William Lynch
    Barnes & Noble
  • Senior Software Developer
    Yogesh Kolte
    Barnes & Noble
  • President, Digital Products
    Jamie Iannone
    Barnes & Noble
  • Android Developer
    Harsh Kalra
    Barnes & Noble
  • VP, Digital & Channel Marketing, Corporate & Credi
    Sasha Norkin
    Barnes & Noble
  • iOS Developer
    John Clayton
    Barnes & Noble
  • VP, Program & Product Management
    Doug Klein
    Barnes & Noble
  • Developer, Digital Products
    Gerry Seidman
    Barnes & Noble
  • VP, Creative B&N Digital Products
    Michelle Warvel
    Barnes & Noble
  • Product Management, NOOK Client Apps
    Bobby Tulsiani
    Barnes & Noble
  • CTO, Digital Products
    Ravi Gopalakrishnan
    Barnes & Noble

About the Services (Tablet & All Other Devices) category

Sites, Apps or experiences developed specifically for tablets and other devices allowing real world activities to be done on the go. These include Apps and mobile sites to help people find edit photos, create documents, find jobs, locate houses, make dates, or which otherwise facilitate typically offline activities from a mobile device.

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