2011 Webby Award Winner

Dan Savage

Special Achievement
Special Achievement
Special Achievement

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Dan Savage

The Webby Awards would like to honor Dan Savage with a Special Achievement award in recognition for his groundbreaking work with the multi-online media project, “It Gets Better.” By fully embracing the Internet as the primary vehicle for the “It Gets Better” project, Savage’s message of social advocacy in the LGBT community expanded beyond anyone’s imagination and reached viewers across all corners of the world. Under Savage’s fearless leadership, the “It Gets Better” has taken on a life of its own and has grown organically online into what is one of the largest, crowd-sourced video projects today. It is undeniable that Savage’s nurturing of the Web as a universal platform for social change has truly made an impact online and off.

Dan Savage's 5-Word Speech


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Special Achievement honors those whose work has improved upon the experience and capabilities of the Internet in novel and impactful ways.

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