2011 Webby Award Winner

Amr Salama

Special Achievement
Special Achievement
Special Recognition on Behalf of Egypt

Support freedom, come visit Egypt.

Amr Salama

The Webby Awards are thrilled to honor and recognize Amr Salama, Wael Ghonim and the people of Egypt with a Special Achievement Award for embodying the spirit of the Internet and harnessing its power to bring freedom and democracy to their nation. The revolution in Egypt did more than peacefully topple a 30 year dictatorship. It established a new kind of icon: the internet activist. The revolution started online; protests were organized on Facebook; the revolutionary message was spread on Twitter. While many people were responsible for the events that forced the government from power, a Google marketing manager named Wael Ghonim has become a key symbol of the way the Egyptian movement spread via the internet. Though he resists being called a hero, Wael played a key role in organizing the January 25 protest by reaching out to Egyptian youths on Facebook, and he credits the social networking site with the success of the people’s uprising.

Amr Salama's 5-Word Speech


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