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2011 Honoree

Who is the Voice of the Netherlands?

These Days
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Consumer Electronics

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  • Copywriter
    Joeri Quinet
    These Days
  • Multimedia Developer
    Pieter Helsen
    These Days
  • Art Director
    Gerdien Stevense
    These Days
  • Multimedia Designer
    Frederik Severijns
    These Days
  • Multimedia Designer
    Bert Beckers
    These Days
  • Account Manager
    Lina Soccio
    These Days
  • Account Director
    Erwin Jansen
    These Days
  • Project Manager
    Myriam Maes
    These Days
  • Production Director
    Sam Serrien
    These Days
  • Producer
    Bruno Dejonghe
  • Director
    Martijn Van Hees
    Met Wie
  • Creative Director
    Samuel De Volder
    These Days

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Sites that feature or review any type of consumer electronics, including computers, mobile devices, home audio/video equipment or other related electronic products.

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