Nominee - FedEx–Our Changing World
2011 Nominee

FedEx–Our Changing World

BBDO/Grow Interactive
General Website
Corporate Communications

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  • SVP Account Director
    Peter McCallum
    BBDO New York
  • Art Director
    Joe Branton
    Grow Interactive
  • Account Director/Manager
    Michaela Skelly, Catherine Cyr
    BBDO New York
  • Interactive Producer
    Eric Green
    Grow Interactive
  • Digital Strategist
    Mark Himmelsbach
    BBDO New York
  • Flash Developer
    Ricky Williams, Jeff Penano, Darius Pilapil
    Grow Interactive
  • Digital Producer
    Doug Stivers
    BBDO New York
  • Developer
    Luke Bilger, Josh McDonald, Daniel Richard
    Grow Interactive
  • Animator
    Jason Levesque
    Grow Interactive
  • Agency/Agency/Interactive Design & Development
    BBDO Guerrero/BBDO New York/Grow Interactive
  • Design Production
    Josh Newton
    Grow Interactive
  • CCO/Writer
    David Guerrero
    BBDO Guerrero
  • Production Assistant
    Jarrett Beeler, Daniel Burke
    Grow Interactive
  • ECD/Writer
    Simon Welsh
    BBDO Guerrero
  • AR Developer
    Edvin Besic, Mikael Emtinger
    Grow Interactive
  • ECD/Art Director
    Brandie Tan
    BBDO Guerrero
  • Sound Production
  • CD/Writer
    Pia Roxas Ocampo
    BBDO Guerrero
  • Creative Director
    Drew Ungvarsky
    Grow Interactive
  • ACD/Art Director
    Dale Lopez
    BBDO Guerrero

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Sites that serve as online identities for corporations, organizations, businesses or professional individuals. These sites may promote, market or provide information and a point of contact for products, services, corporate individuals or companies involved in on or offline commerce.

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