Honoree - Serenading Unicorn
2011 Honoree

Serenading Unicorn

Evolution Bureau
General Website

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  • Line Producer
    Ross Girard
  • Art Director
    Geno Burmester
    Evolution Bureau
  • Copywriter
    James Beikmohamadi
    Evolution Bureau
  • Executive Creative Director/Director
    Stephen Goldblatt
    Evolution Bureau
  • Motion Designer
    Devin Croda
    Evolution Bureau
  • Broadcast Producer
    Rebecca Orlov
  • Puppeteer
    Bruce Lanoll
    The Jim Henson Company
  • Executive Producer
    Craig Batzofin
    Evolution Bureau
  • Executive Producer
    Sheila Stepanek
  • Puppeteer
    Allan Trautman
    The Jim Henson Company
  • Production Designer
    Bradley Thoardsen
  • Editor
    Chris Kursel
    Evolution Bureau
  • Director of Photography
    Ross Riege

About the Weird category

Sites that just seem strange, offbeat or odd. This category includes sites that reflect a fresh perspective in thought and action strong enough to start a revolution, change a behavior pattern, or advance old thinking lodged in bad habits, or that are just plain weird.

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