People's Voice - State Farm “Thanks 9/11 Tribute”
2012 People's Voice

State Farm “Thanks 9/11 Tribute”

DDB Chicago
Interactive Advertising
Best Integrated Media Plan


  • Executive Director of Integrated Production
    Diane Jackson
    DDB Chicago
  • Director of Digital Production
    Paul Sundue
    DDB Chicago
  • Music Producer & Integration
    Eric Johnson
    DDB Chicago
  • Executive Producer of Digital
    Laura Perotta
    DDB Chicago
  • Executive Creative Director of Digital
    Joe Cianciotto
    DDB Chicago
  • Director
    Spike Lee
    Pony Show
  • Art Director
    Klane Harding
    DDB Chicago
  • Director of Photography
    Ellen Kuras
    Pony Show
  • Executive Producer
    Susan Kirson
    Pony Show
  • Chairman
    Bob Scarpelli
  • Executive Producer
    Jeffrey Frankel
    Pony Show
  • Chief Creative Officer
    Ewan Paterson
    DDB Chicago
  • Music Director and Conductor
    James Davis Jr.
  • Group Creative Director
    Barry Burdiak
    DDB Chicago
  • Creative Director
    John Hayes
    DDB Chicago
  • Creative Director/Copywriter
    Geoff McCartney
    DDB Chicago
  • Copywriter
    Johnny Gailbraith
    DDB Chicago
  • Executive Producer
    Scott Kemper
    DDB Chicago
  • Technical Design Director / Designer
    Markus Winkler
    DDB Chicago

About the Best Integrated Media Plan category

Integrated Media Plan entries must include media buys and placements over 3 different media types, one of which must be online. In addition to online, other media types can include print, outdoor, TV, guerilla or radio.




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