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2012 Honoree

ESPN Fanwiches Contest

Interactive Advertising
Best Use of Social Media

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  • copywriter
    Andrew Jasperson
    wieden+Kennedy NY
  • art Director
    Cyrus Coulter
    Wieden+Kennedy NY
  • Agency Head of Content Production
    Gary Krieg
    Wieden+Kennedy NY
  • Strategic Planning
    Marshall Ball, Lee Sunga
    Wieden+Kennedy NY
  • Assistant Director of Interactive Production
    Marc Maleh
    Wieden+Kennedy NY
  • Director of Interactive Production
    Karen Monahan
    Wieden+Kennedy NY
  • Technology Director
    Husani Oakley
    Wieden+Kennedy NY
  • Account Management
    Brandon Pracht, Casey Bernard, Brian D'entremont,
    Wieden+Kennedy NY
  • executive Creative Directors
    Ian Reichenthal, Scott Vitrone
    wieden+Kennedy NY
  • Broadcast Producer
    Kelly Dage
    Wieden+Kennedy NY
  • Creative Directors
    stuart Jennings, Brandon Henderson
    Wieden+Kennedy NY

About the Best Use of Social Media category

Best, most creative, innovative or highly effective use of online social media -- websites, applications, APIs, plug-ins, etc -- within an advertising or marketing campaign.

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