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  • Creative VH1 On-Air GFX & Multiplatform
    Dave Perry
    VH1 Digital
  • Co-Founder & Head of Product
    Sam Baron
    Clip Sync
  • Production Assistant
    Felicia Daniels
    VH1 Digital
  • Director of Account Management
    Reena Mehta
    Clip Sync
  • Director of Social Viewing
    Jacob Shwirtz
  • Program Manager
    Alia Shafir
    Clip Sync
  • Director of Technology
    Thomas Raab
  • Senior Developer
    Ivan Ksenyuk
    Clip Sync
  • VP
    Dan Sacher
    VH1 Digital
  • Senior Producer
    Sam Blake Hofstetter
    VH1 Digital
  • Executive Producer
    Jon Mallow
    VH1 Digital
  • Sr. Director Product Development
    Johnson Tang
    VH1 Digital
  • Senior Designer
    Clarissa Soto
    VH1 Digital
  • Software Developer
    Oleg Ivanov
  • QA
    Manny E. Millado

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