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Discovery Communications
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Web Services & Applications

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  • Project Manager, Digital Media
    Ari Fisher
    Discovery Communications
  • User Experience Designer, Digital Media
    Katherine Kendall
    Discovery Communications
  • Media Editor, Digital Media
    Beth Caldwell
    Discovery Communications
  • Designer, Digital Media
    Marsy Shattuck
    Discovery Communications
  • Senior Developer, Digital Media
    Symphonie Zhao
    Discovery Communications
  • Developer, Digital Media
    Sabrina Ngai
    Discovery Communications
  • Vice President, Digital Media
    Ken Rother
    Discovery Communications
  • Group Site Director, Digital Media
    Andrew Cary
    Discovery Communications
  • Senior Producer, Digital Media
    Randi Wheeler
    Discovery Communications

About the Web Services & Applications category

Sites, Web applications, widgets and desktop apps allowing real world activities to be done online. These include agent or bot sites as well as application sites that help people edit photos, create documents, find jobs, locate houses, make dates, or which otherwise facilitate typically offline activities from a keyboard.

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