Honoree - Pin Ball Park
2013 Honoree

Pin Ball Park

Ogilvy France
Advertising & Media
Viral Marketing

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  • Chief Creative Officer
    Chris Garbutt
    Ogilvy France
  • Head of Digital & Branded Content
    Frederic Levron
    Ogilvy France
  • Creative Director
    Thierry Chiumino
    Ogilvy France
  • Art Director
    Stéphane Santana
    Ogilvy France
  • Copywriter
    Benjamin Dessagne
    Ogilvy France
  • Designers
    Jérémie Bouchet/Kevin O'Connor
    Ogilvy France
  • TV Producer
    Antoine Bagot
    Ogilvy France
  • Sound Producer
    Evelyne Callot
    Ogilvy France
  • Executive Director
    Natalie Heckel
    Ogilvy France
  • Account Director
    Amrita Bourdon
    Ogilvy France
  • Planner
    Hadi Zabad
    Ogilvy France
  • Business Director
    Fabio Ruffet
    Ogilvy London
  • Manager/Brand Communications Strategies
    Christine Blissett
    Ford UK
  • Manager/Creative Services
    Usha Raghavachari
    Ford UK
  • Marketing Director
    Bruno Charvet
    Ford France
  • Film Director
    Clément Beauvais
  • Production Company
    Moonwalk Films
  • Sound Design
    Night Shift/O'Bahamas
  • Music
    Apollo Studios

About the Viral Marketing category

An advertising and marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message. Can be a site, mobile app, or video-based advertising.




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