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2013 Honoree

Blue Shield of California Facebook App

Hub Strategy
Social Content and Marketing
Education & Discovery

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  • Creative Director, Director
    DJ O'Neil
    Hub Strategy
  • Creative Director
    Peter Judd
    Hub Strategy
  • Art Director, Designer
    Jen Hartford
    Hub Strategy
  • Designer
    Jonathan Haggard
  • Designer
    Todd Greco
  • Designer
    Brent Couchman
  • Copywriter
    Leona Frey
    Hub Strategy
  • Agency Producer
    Angelina Dilg
    Hub Strategy
  • Director of Accounts
    Annalyn Duke
    Hub Strategy
  • Group Account Director
    Chris Ferko
    Hub Strategy
  • Account Manager
    Meghan Raab
    Hub Strategy
  • Account Coordinator
    Caitlin Lutsch
    Hub Strategy
  • Director of Photography
    Jason Mitchell
  • Editing and Post Production
    Steve Tenaglia
  • Editing and Post Production
    Pete Fleming
    Hub Strategy
  • Color
    Rough House
  • Music/Audio
    Disher Music and Sount
  • Digital Producer
    Martin Lacey
  • Developers
    Sovereign Studios

About the Education & Discovery category

Social media services and platforms that advocate education, learning, and intellectual growth and discovery. Platform agnostic—enter any and all social media that best exemplify your work.




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