Honoree - Parker by Streetline
2014 Honoree

Parker by Streetline

Mobile Sites & Apps
Handheld Devices
City & Urban Innovation

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  • VP Engineering, Platform a Applications
    Peter Leiser
    Streetline, Inc.
  • Senior Vice President, Product Management
    Vito Salvaggio
    Streetline, Inc.
  • Chief Technology Officer
    Mark Noworolski
    Streetline, Inc.
  • Vice President of Engineering
    Jim Reich
    Streetline, Inc.
  • Senior Vice President & Head of Engineering
    Tom Linden
    Streetline, Inc.
  • Chief Marketing Officer
    Kelly Schwager
    Streetline, Inc.
  • CEO
    Zia Yusuf
    Streetline, Inc.
  • Senior Mobile Engineer
    Mark Davies
    Streetline, Inc.
  • Manager, Quality Assurance
    Niru Penumella
    Streetline, Inc.
  • Mobile Software Engineer
    Marshall Clark
    Streetline, Inc.

About the City & Urban Innovation category

Mobile sites or apps created by or executed on behalf of a city or local municipality that advances or informs the needs of its constituents via a mobile experience.




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