People's Voice - Google, Armada, Point Blank, DJ Mag: Academy of Electronic Music
2014 People's Voice

Google, Armada, Point Blank, DJ Mag: Academy of Electronic Music

Social Content and Marketing
Arts & Culture


  • Art Director
    Elmar Kruitwagen
    Keplar Agency
  • Creative Digital Director
    Andrew Verhulp
    Keplar Agency
  • Business & Strategy Affairs
    Ruurd Kooistra
    Keplar Agency
  • Producer/Concept
    Rob Cowan
    Point Blank
  • Digital Marketing Manager
    Jorian Bos
    Keplar Agency
  • Lead Developer
    Sjoerd Kujiper
    Keplar Agency
  • Lead Developer
    Tom de Bruijn
    Keplar Agency
  • IT Architect
    Marjin Bleeker
    Keplar Agency
  • CEO / Owner
    Maykel Pinon
    Armada Music
  • General Manager
    Albert Slendebroek
    Armada Music
  • Head of Social
    Eveline van der Steen
    Armada Music / Manifest Inc
  • Social Media Manager
    Evert Groot
    Armada Music
  • Arts & Entertainment Partnerships Lead
    Brian Mandler
  • Product Marketing Manager Consumer Products
    Tim van de Rijdt
  • Chief Creative
    Kyle Monson
    Google / Knock Twice
  • Managing Director
    Martin Carvell
    DJ Mag
  • Head of Digital Media
    Simon Kelly
    DJ Mag
  • Executive Director / Scriptwriter
    Jules Brookes
    Point Blank
  • Video Broadcast Producer
    JC Concato
    Point Blank
  • Visual Director
    James Humby
    Point Blank
  • Cameraman
    Stuart Curtis
    Point Blank
  • Social Media
    Declan McGlynn
    Point Blank
  • Presenter
    Luke Hopper
    Point Blank
  • Marketing
    Caroline Kaven
    Point Blank
  • CTO
    Dave Forsey
  • PR Manager
    Fatma Genç
  • UX Designer
    Anne Zwijnenburg

About the Arts & Culture category

Social media accounts created by or executed on behalf of an organization, publication, or institution dedicated to culture and lifestyle, including the arts, culinary culture, Internet culture, etc. Platform agnostic.

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