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  • Creative Director
    Scott Theisen
    VSA Partners
  • Senior Designer
    Rob Schellenberg
    VSA Partners
  • Designer
    Sarah Paulhus
    VSA Partners
  • Associate Director, Content Management
    Siouxzi Donnelly
    VSA Partners
  • Associate Director, Development
    Scott Munn
    VSA Partners
  • Partner, Client Engagement Lead
    Jeff Walker
    VSA Partners
  • Associate Director, User Experience
    Patricia Kelton
    VSA Partners
  • Director of Technology
    Louis Walch
    VSA Partners
  • Senior Developer
    Paul Bland
    VSA Partners

About the Lifestyle category

Sites featuring commentary, commerce and advice on lifestyle and living topics such as gardening, home improvement, interior design, architecture, and like subjects. Sites touching on the personal side of life by providing information and resources that allow people to live on their own terms.

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